Older than civilization


Person Of Interest (2011-2016) – Season 3 – Episode 10 – The Devil’s Share – Older than civilization

[Under police arrest, Officer Simmons is lying in a hospital bed when he senses someone in the darkened room]

Carl Elias: It’s just me, Officer.

[Elias leans forward in his chair into the light]

Officer Patrick Simmons: Elias. What do you want? Quinn and I are bust. HR is dead. Nothin’ else to do but to rub my face in it.

Carl Elias: Not really my style.

Officer Patrick Simmons: Then why the hell are you here?

Carl Elias: Well, there remains a debt. Civilization rests on the principle that we treat our criminals better than they treated their victims, that we not stoop to their level.


Carl Elias: But you and I are outliers; we’re not really a part of civilization. We’re something… older. Which means, of course, that we can do the things that civilized people can’t. I offered to kill you for Detective Carter many times, and she always said no. She was civilized to the very end. I don’t think she liked me. But I liked her very much. You killed her. So now I consider it my responsibility to fix the particular problem that is you, Officer Simmons.

Officer Patrick Simmons: You really think you’re gonna be the one to kill me?

Carl Elias: [laughing] No. No, my friend is going to kill you. I’m just gonna watch.

[Elias leans back in his chair as his right-hand man Scarface approaches Simmons with a garrote and proceeds to strangle him to death]







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