You’re very upset


Mission: Impossible (1996) – You’ve never seen me very upset

Eugene Kittridge: [after Hunt’s team was killed and meets up with Kittridge in an Aquarium/Restaurant] I – ahm – I can’t tell you how, uh sorry I am. I know how much Jim in particular meant to you, Ethan, personally as well as professionally.

[slides Hunt a passport]

Ethan Hunt: Yeah.

Eugene Kittridge: It’s – uhhh – passport, visa, the usual drill. We’ll work the ex-filtration through Canada, debrief you at Langley, throw the Prague police a bone or two, you know. Toss them a few suspects. You follow me?

Ethan Hunt: [Muffled] Yeah. I follow.

Eugene Kittridge: I think we lost enough agents for one night.

Ethan Hunt: You mean, *I’ve* lost enough agents for one night.

Eugene Kittridge: You seem hell bent on blaming yourself, Ethan.

Ethan Hunt: Who else is left?

Eugene Kittridge: Yeah. I see your point.

Ethan Hunt: Why was there another team?

Eugene Kittridge: What?

Ethan Hunt: Of IMF agents at the embassy – tonight…

Eugene Kittridge: I don’t quite follow you.

Ethan Hunt: Well, let’s see if you can follow me around the room. The drunk Russians on the embankment at seven and eight o’clock. The couple waltzing around me at the embassy at nine and eleven. The waiter standing behind Hannah at the top of the stairs, bow tie, twelve o’clock. The other IMF team! You’re worried about me, why?

Eugene Kittridge: Well, for a little over two years we have been spotting serious blowback in IMF operations, we have a penetration. The other day, we decoded a message on the Internet from a Czech we know as Max.

Ethan Hunt: The Arms dealer.

Eugene Kittridge: That’s right. Max, it seems has two unique gifts: a capacity for anonymity and for corrupting susceptible agents. This time he’d gotten to someone on the inside, he’d gotten himself into a position to buy our NOC list, operation he referred to as job 314. The job he thought Golitsyn was doing tonight.

Ethan Hunt: The list Golitsyn stole was a decoy.

Eugene Kittridge: That’s correct. The actual list is secure at Langley. Golitsyn was a lightning rod. He was one of ours.

Ethan Hunt: [In disbelief] This whole operation was a mole hunt. This whole operation was a mole hunt.

Eugene Kittridge: Yeah, the mole’s deep inside… and like you said, you survived. I want to show you something, Ethan.

[Takes out a piece of paper and unfolds it and hands it to Hunt]

Eugene Kittridge: Since your father’s death, your family’s farm has been in receivership. Now, suddenly, they’re flush with over a hundred twenty grand in the bank, your father’s illness was supposed to wipe out that bank account. Dying slowly in America after all, can be a very expensive proposition.

[Hunt takes out the exploding gum]

Eugene Kittridge: So. Why don’t we quietly get out of here onto a plane. I can understand you’re very upset.

Ethan Hunt: Kittridge, you’ve never seen me very upset.

Eugene Kittridge: Alright, Hunt. Enough is enough. You have bribed, cajoled and killed and you have done it using loyalties on the inside, you want to shake hands with the devil, that’s fine with me, I just want to make sure you do it in hell.

[Hunt throws the gum against one of the aquariums which destroys it, covering his escape]




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