Sangre por Sangre


Better Call Saul – Season 6 – Episode 1 – Wine & Roses (2022) – Sangre Por Sangre

[Cellphone buzzing]

Gus Fring: Good morning, Don Juan.

Don Juan: Lalo Salamanca is dead. Gunmen broke into his hacienda last night. Hired operators from the look of it. It was messy. Very messy. As for the Salamancas…

Gus Fring: “Sangre por sangre.”

Don Juan: Yes. That is the Salamanca way. We are on the verge of chaos.

Gus Fring: But who did this?

Don Juan: One minute, I hear talk of the Colombians, the next… traitors. Traitors close to home. We know this much. Ignacio Varga is a rat. Don Eladio has put a price on his head. Every man we have is searching for him.

Gus Fring: I assume Don Hector has been told.

Don Juan: I called him myself. As for if he understood me, quién sabe. Listen to me. You must be careful, Gustavo. This is a dangerous time. No one is above suspicion.

Gus Fring: I understand.

Don Juan: Good.

[Line disconnects]


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