Admissible Evidence


Community: Season 3: Episode 21: First Chang Dynasty (2012)

Jeff Winger : You see? It’s not the real Dean.

Officer Cackowski : Of course. The head of security at Greendale Community College has kidnapped the Dean and replaced him with a deanel-ganger.

Jeff Winger : Well, when you say it that way, it sounds ridiculous.

Troy Barnes : Yeah, the word we used was doppel-deaner.

Britta Perry : Look, I hate cops.

[Everybody waits for her to continue, but she says nothing]

Shirley Bennett : The real Dean never would have expelled us. He loved us.

Officer Cackowski : Unfortunately, love is not admissible evidence. Ooh!

[sings into recorder]

Officer Cackowski : Love is not admissible evidence! I’m working on a cop opera.

Shirley Bennett , Jeff Winger , Britta Perry , Abed Nadir , Troy Barnes , Annie Edison : Copera!

Pierce Hawthorne : Police-ical!


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