How much Power and Money?


Aladdin (2019) – Money and Power

Genie explaining rules of the wishes to Aladdin..

Aladdin: So, how does it work?

Genie: You’re… kidding, right? The whole song… was the instructions!

Genie: Obviously, you can’t dance and listen at the same time.

Genie: so here’s the basics. Step 1: Run the lamp. Step 2: Say what you want. Step 3: … There’s no step 3.
See, it’s that easy. You get 3 wishes, they must begin with rubbing the lamp and saying, “I wish…”. Got it?

Aladdin: I think so.

Genie: Couple of other rules. You can’t wish for more wishes. 3 is enough. Now,I can’t make anybody love anybody or being anybody back from the dead. Feel free to interrupt me anytime you don’t understand…

(Aladdin tries um, Genie interrupts)

Genie: I’m kidding, don’t ever interrupt me no matter what. Now, I usually do not go through all of this cause by the time gets to me, he pretty much knows what he wants and it’s generally has to do with *tons of money and power*… Do me a favor do not drink from that cup. I promise you there’s not enough money and power on Earth for you to be satisfied. Good?



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