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Terminator: Dark Fate (2019) – I hunt Terminators

Sarah Connor: My name is Sarah Connor. When I was about her age… a Terminator was sent to kill me to stop the birth of my son, John. Leader of the Resistance.

Grace: Which resistance?

Sarah Connor: The human resistance. Against Skynet? The AI that’s trying to wipe us all out?

Grace: I’ve never heard of it.

Sarah Connor: Good. John and I changed that. We changed the future. Saved 3 billion lives. You’re welcome.

Grace: Where’s your son now?

Sarah Connor: Skynet sent several Terminators to hunt him. One finally caught up with us out carried out orders from a future that never happened. Since then… I hunt Terminators. And I drink till I pass out. Enough of a résumé for you?




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