Betrayal is an inherent part of love


Money Heist – La Casa De Papel (2017) – Season 4 – Episode 2 – La boda de Berlín

Berlin: Brother!

Sergio: I feel bad for her. She’s young, and she’s in love, but you’re sick.

Berlin: Didn’t you hear the priest? “Till death do you part.”

Sergio: Maybe for you it’s the grand finale, but for her, it’s the beginning,
and it isn’t a fair one.

Berlin: She knows I’m sick. Everyone knows I’m sick.

Sergio: You’re betraying her feelings.

Berlin: I’ll give her the best two or three years of her life. Yes, and after that… Actually, I will betray her in a way. Anyway.

Betrayal is an inherent part of love.

Since we’re on the subject, have a look.

Martín. What a legend! My best friend. He’s happy. Would he betray me? Of course he would, in the right circumstances.

Tatiana? Tatiana would too.

Sergio: You say you experience love, but you only see traitors everywhere.

Berlin: No, I’m not saying that. I’m saying, betrayal doesn’t depend on how deep or how much you love someone. It depends on how difficult your dilemma is.

Would you betray your beloved one? In theory, no.

But what if you were told that if you did, you’d be given a drug to save your beloved brother?

That is a real dilemma.




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