Control the dog


Better Call Saul (2015) – Season 5 – Episode 9 – Bad Choice Road (2020)

Gus Fring: Yes?

Mike: There’s one other thing we should discuss… Nacho Varga. He wants out. He’s done everything we asked. He held up his end. I think it’s time we cut him loose.

Gus Fring: I see no reason to give up an asset.

Mike: Once Salamanca is dealt with, we have no use for Varga. He’s the only guy running things up here. He disappears, Salamanca operations fall apart.

Gus Fring (after thinking for a few seconds): Varga stays. Better to control the opposition without their knowledge.

Mike: You have a gun to his father’s head. That doesn’t sit with me. You wanna keep Varga for a long run, I don’t think fear is a great motivator.

Gus Fring: A dog who bites every owner he’s had can only be disciplined with a firm hand or… put down.




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