Death can be the greatest opportunity of your life


Money Heist (2017) – Season 4 – Episode 1 – Game Over

Professor (thinking): What weighs more, love or death?

Berlin: Life weighs more, little brother. Life. Then there’s me. Even though I’m dying, I’m getting married.

Isn’t it a beautiful contradiction?

Professor (referring to Tatiana): Does she know you’re sick?

Berlin: Ah, of course she knows. Hmm. She’s very smart. (Pouring wine in a glass). And if you look on the bright side, it’s good luck. People have no idea when their time’s gonna come. But we get to stay in the honeymoon period forever. People buy a bottle of champagne for a special celebration, but go back to their mundane days. Tatiana and I are gonna live our lives burning through barrels of champagne from France!

Death can be the greatest opportunity of your life, Sergio.

– Berlin






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