The coward dies a thousand deaths. The valiant taste of death but once.


Westworld (2016) – Season 1 – Episode 3 – The Stray

Robert Ford: “The coward dies a thousand deaths. The valiant taste of death but once.” Of course, Shakespeare never met a man quite like you, Teddy. You’ve died at least a thousand times. And yet, it doesn’t dull your courage. Tell me, is that all you aspire to, Teddy?

Teddy Flood: There’s a girl, Dolores. Better than I deserve. But maybe someday soon we’ll have the life we’ve both been dreaming of.

Robert Ford: No, you never will. Your job is not to protect Dolores, it’s to keep her here, to ensure that the guests find her if they want to best the stalwart gunslinger and have their way with his girl. Tell me, has it never occurred to you to run off with her?

Teddy Flood: I got some reckoning to do before I can be with her.

Robert Ford: Ah, yes, your mysterious backstory. It’s the reason for my visit. Do you know why it is a mystery, Teddy? Because we never actually bothered to give you one, just a formless guilt you will never atone for. But perhaps it is time you had a worthy story of origin. Would you like that, Teddy? A small part of my new narrative? A fiction which, like all great stories, is rooted in truth? It starts in a time of war a world in flames with a villain called Wyatt.



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