Better Call Saul – Season 3 – Episode 5 – Chicanery

During the case proceedings to disbar James McGill of law practice, Chuck McGill on the witness stand, losing his nerve, hollering…


… as the courtroom is shocked silent…

Chuck continues…

I am not crazy! I know he swapped those numbers. I knew it was 1216. One after Magna Carta. As if I could ever make such a mistake. Never. Never! I just – I just couldn’t prove it. He covered his tracks, he got that idiot at the copy shop to lie for him. You think this is something? You think this is bad? This? This chicanery? He’s done worse. That billboard! Are you telling me that a man just happens to fall like that? No! *He* orchestrated it! Jimmy! He *defecated* through a *sunroof*! And I saved him! And I shouldn’t have. I took him into my own firm! What was I *thinking*? He’ll never change. He’ll *never* change! Ever since he was 9, *always* the same! Couldn’t keep his hands out of the cash drawer! But not our Jimmy! Couldn’t be precious *Jimmy*! Stealing them blind! And *HE* gets to be a lawyer? What a sick joke! I should’ve stopped him when I had the chance!
[Turns to judges]

…And you, you *have* to stop him! You –

[suddenly freezes as he realizes what he has just done]


PARADOX OF THE MIND: The Breakdown of Chuck McGill

The scene takes place during a hearing to determine whether or not Jimmy should have his law license suspended. Chuck has been working against Jimmy, trying to prove that he is unfit to practice law. However, during the hearing, Chuck begins to unravel, and his true mental state is revealed.

As Chuck begins to testify, he becomes increasingly agitated and begins to fumble with the papers in front of him. He then starts to hear the sounds of electricity and begins to remove items from his person, including his watch and belt, all of which he believes are sources of electromagnetic radiation. He becomes more and more frenzied, at one point running out of the courtroom and returning with a space blanket.

The climax of the scene comes when Chuck shouts, “I’m not crazy!” at his ex-wife, who is present in the courtroom. This outburst is particularly powerful, as it reveals the depths of Chuck’s denial about his own mental state. Chuck has been struggling with a condition known as electromagnetic hypersensitivity, which has caused him to become increasingly isolated and paranoid.

The scene is a turning point for Chuck’s character, as it shows him at his most vulnerable. For the entire series up to this point, Chuck has been presented as the more stable and put-together of the McGill brothers. However, this scene shatters that illusion, and we see the extent to which Chuck is struggling with his own demons.

The scene is also significant for its impact on Jimmy. Jimmy has been trying to win over his brother throughout the series, but it becomes increasingly clear that Chuck will never fully accept him. Chuck’s breakdown in the courtroom reinforces this, and it becomes a turning point for Jimmy, who realizes that he must stop trying to win over his brother and focus on his own path.

In summary, the scene in “Better Call Saul” Season 3, Episode 5, where Chuck shouts, “I’m not crazy!” in the courtroom is a powerful moment in the show. It reveals the extent of Chuck’s struggles with his own mental health and is a turning point for both Chuck and Jimmy’s characters.

Chicanery | May 8, 2017 (United States) Summary:
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