Open the door

Open the door

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015)

Ethan Hunt arrived a little late to get on plane. Benji wasn’t sure where he was.

Ethan Hunt: [Ethan is hanging to the side door of the plane] Benji, open the door!
Benji Dunn: Ethan? How did you get in the plane?

Ethan Hunt: I’m not in the plane, I’m ON the plane! Open the door!

Benji Dunn: Yeah, yeah, yeah, right!

[opens the rear door]

Benji Dunn: Ha! How’s that?

Ethan Hunt: That’s the wrong door!

Luther Stickell: [notices the rear door opened] Not that door, Benji, the other door!

Benji Dunn: Oh, yeah, sorry!




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