House Of Cards

There is only being in and then being out.

House of Cards (2013 – ) –  Season 5 – Episode 12: Chapter 64

Francis Underwood: Oh don’t deny it, you’ve loved it. You don’t actually need me to stand for anything, you just need me to stand. To be the strong man, the man of action. My god you are addicted to action and slogans. It doesn’t matter what I say… it doesn’t matter what I do… just as long as I am doing something, you are happy to be along for a ride. And frankly I don’t blame you. With all the foolishness and indecision in your lives why not a man like me? I don’t apologize. In the end I don’t not care whether you love me or you hate me, just as long as I win. The deck is stacked, the rules are rigged. Welcome to the death of the age of reason, there is no right or wrong, not anymore. There is only being in and then being out.