Can you help me?

Suits (2011 – ) – Season 7 – Episode 10 (Mid Season Break Finale) – Donna

When Donna reached out to Holly for help, Holly apologized as she really couldn’t help this time.

If I could help you, I would. But I can’t.


More or less…

Justice League (2017) – Trailer

Bruce Wayne having a planning session with Diana Prince regarding Arthur Curry The Aquaman. When Bruce said Arthur Curry is willing to join, she didn’t believe at first.

Diana: He said he’d fight with us?my

Brucee: More or less.

Diana: More more or more less?

Bruce Wayne: … Probably, more less..

Diana: So he said, No!

Bruce Wayne: He said, No.



House Of Cards (2013 – ) – Season 1 – Episode 1 – Chapter 1

When Frank had the plan ready to exact his Revenge, he started building it up with Doug.

Take a step back. Look at the bigger picture.


Make a difference

The Greatest Showman (2017)

P. T. Barnum gave the most useful advise for anyone ready to make a difference. Before making a difference, make yourself different. Because you are unique and everyone else is taken.

No one ever made a difference by being like anyone else.


Dothraki Wedding

Game Of Thrones (2011 – ) – Season 1 – Episode 1 – Winter Is Coming

Dothraki Wedding without at least three deaths is considered a dull affair.

– Magister Illyrio Mopatis


See you again

Wiz Khalifa feat. Charlie Puth – See You Again (2015)

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