Shocking and Fantastic abilities

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

When Scott (The AntMan) turned to The Giant-Man, Iron Man was stunned:

Okay, anybody on our side hiding any shocking and fantastic abilities they’d like to disclose? I’m open to suggestions.

What’s fit?

Better Call Saul – Season 2 – Episode 8 – Fifi

Kim Wexler has a thought about what’s right for right people in right situation at right time.

Either you fit the Jacket, or the Jacket fits you.

Time is just a train

If Love is creation and Death is destruction, Time is just the train in between. No one understands Time. Einstein once said, 

“Time is just an illusion.”

Don’t try and live without love.

Collateral Beauty (2016)

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Being Thorough is Being Alive

Allied (2016)

Max and Marianne playing as spy during World War I. Once on a mission when spying as husband and wife, Max got inspired by Marianne’s deceit.
When Max complemented Marianne for being thorough, she thinks being thorough is necessary for survival in this line of work.

Max: You’re very thorough.

Marianne: That’s why I’m still alive.

They end the evening when Marianne caught German wives stalking them on the rooftop.

Marianne: They’re watching us… now kiss me.

Love, Time, Death

Collateral Beauty (2016)

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